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First Blog Post - Here we go!

Hi Everyone! Whether you are reading this because you are a client of mine, follow me on Instagram or just found me by sheer luck (or you're my mom, haha), I'm glad you're here!

My name is Brittany Jones. I'm a hair and makeup artist based in Dallas, TX and I LOVE my job. I live for everything beauty and the ability to create something beautiful in anything and everything I can get my hands on. I'm an extremely proud, born and raised Texas girl. I feel blessed and lucky to have been raised in the Lonestar State and to call it home.

I can't say that I grew up with a makeup brush in my hand, knowing that I would one day fulfill this dream of becoming a makeup artist. No. To be honest, I didn't really know a lick about hair or makeup until I was in college. That's not to say that I didn't have an eye for it, because I guess that's how I landed here. I was always interested in fashion (or what I thought was fashion) growing up. I always wanted to be the best dressed and I always loved (and still do, wink wink) when people would comment on something I was wearing or my hair, etc. I lived for that. Now, I hail from Eula, TX originally which is a teeny tiny town outside of Abilene, TX. I'm positive you don't know where Eula is. However, if you don't know where Abilene is either, I'm not completely surprised but it's about 3 hours west of Dallas. Let's just sum it up by saying that I basically looked like a mini Reba McEntire when I was a child, so what most would call "fashion" wasn't really our strong suit. Fast forward to 2005. I had graduated high school and was cheering at Colorado State University (Go Rams!). I think cheering is when I really started to get "into" makeup. I had to wear it to games, to competitions, and to the local events we were a part of. So I really started playing with makeup, curling and fixing my hair and I loved it.

The summer following my freshman year at CSU, my sister was getting married back home in Texas. I had decided to move back home so I was also back in Texas. I tagged along as the Maid of Honor to my bestie and sister to all of her wedding things, but ESPECIALLY the hair and makeup appointments. My sister was not very outspoken so I told her "I'll handle it." Her hair and makeup artist had done a friend's wedding so we knew she was great but again, my sister needed backup, haha. We went, the artist asked her all the right questions. What do you normally wear? Do you have anything or any colors in mind? They came up with a look and my sister looked perfect. On the wedding day that summer, I did a lot of the bridesmaids' makeup. Keep in mind, I do not claim to have had any technical training or knowledge of what I was doing (and do not recommend this at home!), but our hair and makeup artist saw something in me and asked me if I wanted a job that day. I worked for her for a few years starting at age 18. I had no idea this is what she was setting me up for. I didn't have any clue at the time the training or mentorship I was getting. We became great friends (Hi Maitee!) and still to this day have a love for each other's work and I couldn't be more grateful that God put me in the right place, because look where it's led me to now. My dream job working with the most wonderful brides, clients and vendors every single day. I get to be a part of a girl's "best day ever." Does it get any better?

I now have an amazing team of girls and just celebrated 10 years of business here at Brittany Jones Beauty. YAY! We do everything from weddings and photo shoots to senior portraits and spray tans. I have a lot of big plans in 2019, including the start of this blog! I plan for this to be a place where I share all my "insider" secrets about all things beauty, wedding day, tips and tricks, tutorials, product info, you name it, but all from the artist's perspective. So here's to the start of something new! I can't wait to share it with you!